Monday, December 2, 2013

Vacation 2013-Colorado Springs

Well now that it's December I figured I should catch up on my insta-pictures from September-November. This pregnancy had worn me out and my usual blogging times have been filled with naps!  So forgive me for the barrage of picture posts over the next few days!

We visited Colorado Springs at the beginning of September for Peter's 10 year reunion. It was all kinds of crazy and all kinds of fun. I'll include better descriptions of the madness when I post some other shots. 

Enjoying pool weather!

We got a behind the scenes tour!

Little guy...big dreams!
We even managed to get in a date night and got to hang out with most of his bffs from college. It was fabulous!

Photo shoot with the Reedster

We took the train to the summit

Gorgeous day!

The local zoo is absolutely fabulous. Not so fabulous? Getting stuck on the lift with two toddlers and no seatbelts!!

Also of all of the amazing animals at the zoo Stafford wanted to take one home...

No not the grizzly bear. The fish in his pond. He wanted to put it in our bathtub. 

We introduced the boys to the wonderfulness that is CFA

Had a ball at a local playground

And furthered the boys' love of airplanes 

We had an awesome meal at the aquarium restaurant in Denver

And safely made it home for Stafford's favorite part of the trip. A ride on the Red Rockin Schoolbus. 

Side note. On the way to the airport originally Stafford was quite the backseat driver. He pointed out each and every form of transportation he recognized and also made sure the driver was aware of any hazards. When our light turned red he yelled out...Red means stop Guy!!!

Thankfully our driver was amused. 

On the way home he yelled Yee-Haw the  entire time and then the driver let him sit in the front seat after he dropped us off

Just little tidbits I need to remember to tell his wife someday ;)


Colorado Springs is a great family friendly place to visit!! Can't wait to go back!!


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