Friday, June 13, 2014

If I've Learned Anything

Have you ever taken one of those spiritual gifts tests?.  After Peter and I were married for a couple of years I re-took one of those tests.  I was fascinated to see that one of the gifts that was previously towards the bottom had migrated to my top 5.


I'm such a first born, type A person.  A lot of things I do because you are "supposed" to do it or not supposed to do something else!  I've been a giver but more out of obligation than from my heart.  I wasn't bitter or angry to give.  But I didn't necessarily get joy out of it.

One of Peter's greatest qualities is his heart for giving.  It is really unlike anyone I've ever known and by watching him I have truly learned to be a giver.  I watched him seek opportunities to give.  To hurt because he couldn't give more.  It was attractive, in a magnetic sort of way.  I wanted to do it too!

I've never thought of myself as a giver.  In fact sometimes I kind of embarrassed because I don't think I volunteer enough or help people out when they need it.  But as I've been reflecting on people over the last few days I've realized something.

I am passionate about giving to people.

I hope anyone who knows me would agree with that.  I love people.  I had a difficult time giving up my advising job at the College of Charleston because I LOVED my students.  I loved getting to talk to them.  Helping them.  Watching how they developed over their four years.

I love my friends.  Near and far.  I make an effort to keep up with them.  Whether by phone or email or social media.

I love my family.  Obviously.

And God has placed people on my heart.  People that need Him.  People that need someone to give.


Today is my one year anniversary as a consultant for Rodan + Fields.  When I first started this business we started setting aside my extra income each month to contribute.  I hadn't felt called to do anything specific but I knew the Lord had a special place for that money.

This past Sunday our worship leader shared about a school in Kenya that he has been working with.  Bungoma Rectory Academy is operated by the members of the Bukusu tribe in Bungoma, Kenya.  Initially (like most schools) they charged their students to come to school.  In 2010 they had 12 students.  Enrollment quickly increased to over 100 students and many of them are orphans.  They can not afford to pay for school OR food.

The school started feeding all of the students two meals a day.  They also operate on Saturday because they know these children won't be fed on days they aren't in school.

Todd reported that these schools are in dire need of money.  They operate without paying the teachers, with few textbooks and in buildings that are literally falling apart.  In spite of that they recently placed 7th out of 100 schools in their county in testing.

The Lord just spoke to me as I was listening and clearly said...."This is where your money should go."

So, if you have purchased any Rodan + Fields products from me during my first year of business you are helping out these dear children.  You are helping to feed them and show them the love of Jesus.

Thank you!  Thank you for supporting me and in turn supporting them!!  We have been so blessed by giving.  The world teaches that you can't get enough stuff.  We want the latest technology, the biggest house and name brand everything.  We eat out.  We vacation.  We splurge.

We could feed one of these children for a year on what we spend at Starbucks in a couple of months!  I'm speaking both in general and specific terms here because my goal certainly isn't to judge anyone for how the spend their money. It's a personal issue.  But the fact remains that there are millions of hungry children in the world and I'm not.  I'm never hungry.  I'm never uncomfortable.  I'm never desperate (well sometimes around 5pm on a weekday and a little bit today when I realized Reed had poured an entire cup of coffee in Kelsey's face.  Thankfully it was cold!!).


This business allows me to serve people in two ways.  I get to work with a wonderful team of supportive women.  We pray for one another, lift each other up and encourage one another.  This business has made a huge difference in many lives.  People are able to stay at home with their children instead of working.  People are funding adoptions or schools overseas.  People are changing their financial future just by working a few hours a week.  It's AWESOME to be a part of.  It's an amazing opportunity and I can not share it fast enough.  I want to conference call every single one of my friends and family and get them on board because I truly believe in the business that much.

But most importantly this business is giving me an additional income to use for God's glory!  I pray He will always keep me focused on WHY I started.  I pray He will open incredible doors to serve others.  I can't always serve in person at this stage of life. But I can give!


I'm still looking for people who want to do adoption fundraisers over the next year.  Email me and we will set up a month where 50% of my proceeds will go to fund your adoption!!!

And thank you again all my sweet friends and family and customers who have supported this amazing journey!!


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