Monday, June 9, 2014

When God Says.....Just Do It

Last year Peter, the boys and I (and unbeknownst to us, Kelsey) did a 5-mile hike at Mt. Rainier.  It was AWE-some.  Truly awe inspiring.  The views were breathtaking.  And something about the accomplishment of hiking through snow covered paths (we were totally unprepared) carrying Reed on my back has made that day really special for me. 

Peter took a zillion shots of this "swish" symbol in the snow.  I think it was more impressive in person but we kept joking about how Nike should use it for their Just Do It campaign.  


Last year at this time I took another huge leap of faith.  After months of debate and wondering why I kept feeling the Lord literally whispering to me "I have something for you to do" I started my own business as a consultant for Rodan + Fields.  It was scary.  We invested a decent amount of money and honestly I was SO afraid I was going to fail.  What if no one bought anything?  What if I've just wasted all this money on a business that falls through?  

And God just said....just do it.

So I did.

I don't often feel the Lord being super clear about his direction for our life.  But he was very clear.

Just do it.

One of the things I knew he was calling us to do was to give.  In fact, I really started because of this nudge.  Whether if was an extra 10 dollars or 1000 I knew He wanted giving to be a central focus of our business.  And He was clear that He wanted us to give 50% of our profits.  


You may remember reading my story initially.  I felt certain that the Lord was calling us to adopt.  In fact I almost expected a baby to just appear on our doorstep.  My heart for children and babies.  For orphans.  Man...I just KNEW he wanted us to adopt.

But He didn't.  And I was confused and a little sad about it.  

And then came this business.  And it was so clear!  This was the way He wanted our family to help at this time in our lives.

Just do it.


Sometime down the road I would love to start a non-profit to help those trying to afford adoption.  But right now we are choosing to give to various causes that support and share Jesus with orphans and children around the world.  It's important to us (because we believe it's important to God) that we not only give to an organization that helps with physical needs but with spiritual needs as well.  


Over the next year I plan to choose a different family or organization each month to contribute to.  There are so many wonderful ones out there.  If you have a group or person that you know works with orphans or plans to adopt will you please email me?  I would love to hear their story and help them with this amazingly important task!


If you have purchased from me in the last year I'm excited to share with you later this week how your money will be helping children and orphans around the world!


This business has been SUCH an amazing blessing for us.  Not only is it allowing me to contribute to our family by paying for preschool and other things but it is allowing us to give back.  I work very part-time hours and truly enjoy getting to help people find a skincare solution to the problems they are facing!

This business is for anyone.  Men and women.  Young and old.  Introvert (me!!) or extrovert.  Working professional or stay at home mom/dad.  Care about skincare or don't care of skincare.  It doesn't really matter.  If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing company or products please email me or send me a message today.  

Peter and I have prayed from the beginning that this business would bless our family and that we could bless others as well.  We pray for our team members and future team members.  We truly believe in the product, the unique business model and the potential this business has to be totally life changing.

So excited to share more with you later this week!!!


Lisa C said...

It's great that you have been blessed with such a fantastic opportunity! The Lord truly amazes in ways He finds to give to us.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Good for you! It is so hard to go out on that limb and I am so glad you did and have found goodness in it!

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