Tuesday, June 3, 2014

O Canada!--Day 2

K started out Day 2 with a nap.  Look at those cute little lips!

All smiles after our nap!

This cracks me up.  He wasn't scared to hold the monster's hand at all!

Another big animal!

Finally a real animal!  After a fabulous breakfast at the Blue Fox (a MUST if you visit Victoria) we headed out to do a little shopping.  Then we took the boys to a park and a petting zoo.  The peacocks were putting on a show!

Brushing the baby goats

I wanted to take one home.  They were really cute!

Checking out the chickens

It's already hard to get 4 people in a "groupie"....how are we going to manage 5!?

Doing a little tree climbing

And duck watching

And mohawk sporting.  This will probably be embarrassing in 15 years so I won't post a lot of details.  But we had to do a clothes change mid-day.  This is her "ha ha look what I just did" face.

View of the Olympics on the ferry ride home

Finally baby K makes it into a groupie shot!

Victoria was so fun.  The city is very walkable and there is a lot to do for both adults and children. We are definitely hoping to return before we move!


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