Friday, June 6, 2014

Kelsey's 1 Month Update

Yes I do realize that my sweet girl is already 8 weeks old.  However my CUTE picture of her with her animal is stuck on my SD card.  I can see it in the camera and I can NOT get it to the computer.  I kept waiting thinking I'd figure it out but if I wait any longer I'm going to forget everything but let's be honest, I already told someone her birthday and it was the wrong date.  Whoa.  Major Mama brain.


Dear Kelsey Jane,

You are one month old today.  It has been a crazy month and exhausting month.  But not for the typical newborn reasons.  I won't go into details about all our nursing struggles and health issues the first month you were around but it definitely made the transition to a family of 5 difficult!

You are a great sleeper.  Too good in fact.  This was one of the most frustrating parts of nursing and at this point you are(were) still taking a bottle in the middle of the night because we can not get you to wake up enough for you to nurse.  You were a sleeper from the start.  The first night in the hospital we tried to wake you....the nurses tried to wake one could do it!  You were bound and determined to get a good nights sleep.  So at home we usually let you go 3-4 hours and then we wake you.  I pump and then Daddy feeds you your bottle.  You wake on your own a second time and are usually alert enough to nurse.  During the day you have improved a lot even in the last week or so.  After a few visits to the lactation consultant she finally gave me the go-ahead to try to nurse you exclusively.

We took you for your 1 month appointment and you weight 8 pounds 13 ounces.  Hard for me to believe that your big brother weighed that much when he was born!  The Dr gave me the go ahead to let you sleep at least 6 hours at night before waking you up.  That's generally when you are waking on your own.

You are still comfortably in newborn clothes and newborn diapers.  You seem to tiny to me still.

I call you Peanut and your Daddy calls you girlie-girl.  I'm not sure what that means :)  Your brothers are absolutely taken with you.  Reed asks often "Where Keldy" and goes to your bassinet first thing when he gets up in the morning.  Stafford likes to hold you and give you kisses.  He also is interested occasionally in what you wear...having some outfits he prefers.  Both love to kiss you and pat your head...although I think you have been "patted" with a couple of matchbox cars.

Overall you are a very happy baby.  You are rarely fussy and when you are you can be soothed by cuddling.  You love to cuddle and I love it that you love it!  I try to sit and cuddle with you as often as I can because you are growing too quickly.  Soon it will be time for another update!

We love you sweet girl.  You fit into our family perfectly.  We pray everyday that you will grow up to love Jesus!

Mama & Daddy


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