Tuesday, April 28, 2015

February-April 2014

Still playing catchup.  This might be the longest post ever.

Ma & Valvalval came to town to visit.  Bath hair is Ma's speciality.  

She clearly missed her calling.

I mean...seriously..how awesome?

The view from our bedroom window never gets old

I've never seen so many rainbows!  Spring 2014 was a gorgeous time.

We walk along the waterfront any chance we get.  The boys love all the exploring they get to do and we love the view.  

The boys think the "couch bed" is the greatest thing ever.  They want me to unfold it every single day.

Face after his first Oreo

Reedster wasted no time here...

Love all the quirks and special spots in our Tacoma house

And again with the view from our bedroom window

Another waterfront walk

One of my favorite pictures ever!

Baby Millie!

Date day with the Reedster while S is at school

Oh the PNW flowers!

Ice cream date

Tiny little guy!  Almost 2!

That mountain.  Always showing off.

More waterfront love!

Dr. Suess day at school

Titlow Park

Train lover!

ready for the CATS to play

Someone else likes the state puzzle too!

Fox Island Beach...this is what the boys think of when you say beach

It was SO COLD that day!

Our little neighborhood. Like out of a Storybook.  Seriously.

Hiking in Puget Park.

Looking up from the gulch.  If you look close enough you can see a 17 flying over

Our bridge from below

Cuddles from this guy are rare...I'll take what I can get!

BFFs for life.  Enjoying Tides with our favorites!

Surprise surprise...more waterfront walking!

This site never gets old.  Seeing those plane fly overhead is so comforting!


Baby girl liked to hang out on my left side.  

The colors this day were the most beautiful I've ever seen!


Love this shot to remind me of our house

We spent a lot of time looking at buses and trucks going by

One last waterfront walk before baby arrives!

This was just a few days before Kelsey arrived

Today is the big day!!!!

If you are still reading let's be best friends.  Because that was a LOT of pictures!


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