Tuesday, April 28, 2015

January & February 2014 Favorites

In an effort to concentrate all of my pictures I'm going back and adding my iphone favorites from, oh the the past 16 months.  Better late than never right!?

Flying to KY/TN for the holidays

Celebrating our birthdays in TN


Love this one of Nawaw & Reed

Four cousins.  We tried mighty hard to get a great picture.

Lala & Nola

Nola & Stafford...BFF

Sweet baby girl!

Daddy teaching the boys how to play basketball

The waterfront never, ever gets old

I remember it POURED all day long and for 15 minutes it stopped and this is what we saw.  Incredible!

I love the little photobomber in the background

Already loves trains

This is my cuddle buddy

We love watching the tiger pace at the zoo

I like the photobomber in this picture too!

Awesome day at the zoo!


Reedster always puts his hand up to be held.  

We bought a van!!

My banana bread baking buddy

I wish this was a foreshadowing of success.  Alas he just liked sitting on the froggie potty!

We love blocks.

And shows.

And our state puzzle

And swings

And our porch

And dear friends

One of our last pictures as a family of four!

Our one and only snowfall while we lived in WA

The boys loved it!

Peter didn't love it.

We're getting good at these "quad"sies

Our snowman

Love getting to spend one on one time with R when S is at school

Just another gorgeous PNW winter day

The boys love the airplanes

There is a real one!

My guy!

Both of my little buddies!!

Whew!  There is January & February in a nutshell!  On to the rest of the year!


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