Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Get Inspiralized

 I know Instagram is kind of old news at this point but it's my favorite way to connect via social media these days.  I've met some fun friends, discovered great products and enjoy chronicling our life in pictures.

A while back I came across the account @Inspiralized.  I really was inspired by Ali's beautiful food and her commitment to eat healthily.  I love it that she doesn't give up taste or beauty just to be healthy!

Ali's first cookbook just came out and I have had a blast trying her recipes.  The secret behind all of her recipes is using vegetables creatively.  She uses a spiralizer (if you don't have one run out to get one!).  I had this gadget on my list anyway and so I purchased a reasonably priced one as soon as I got her cookbook.  My only disappointment in this book has been not having a heavy duty spiralizer.  She uses 3 different blade to produce veggie "noodles" that resemble spaghetti, fettuccine and a very flat noodle.  Because of this I've had to improvise a bit on mine!

Sweet Potato friend rice was enjoyed by all five of us!  My boys aren't crazy about onions but those are easy to leave out!  This is a recreation of a heavy dish that is healthy and delicious!  I used my food processor to shred sweet potatoes (since my spiralizer wouldn't) and then "riced" the shreds to look like rice.  I also added chicken to make the dish heartier.  Yum!!

My favorite dish had to be the Pesto Spaghetti.  I'm a huge pesto fan and this didn't disappoint.  Zucchini mimics pasta noodles and is the perfect vehicle for the yummy pesto!  

The last recipe we tried was sweet potato waffles.  These were also DELICIOUS and my kiddos devoured them!!  

All of the recipes would be better made with a better spiralizer.  Ali has one coming out called the Inspiralizer and I plan to purchase that!  I would highly recommend her cookbook.  It's a great way to get your veggies especially if you aren't a veggie lover!  I struggle to eat them and this definitely has me wanting to try more!


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