Monday, November 7, 2016

January & February 2016

Starting the year off with a fabulous sunset

Ahhh....the start of Reed's fabulous fashion choices.  2016 was definitely the year for that.

That vest!

My favorite verses this year.  My prayer over my children and our family.

FRAmily vacation to TN with Team Thomasson

Team E & T doesn't mess around.  Hiking in 30 degree weather....check!

The whole crew (plus Julianne in the oven!)

This is one of my favorite photos ever!

Someday they'll be too big to do this.  Love these little guys

Stafford wanted to scrape all of the neighborhood sidewalks

We made snowcream

Static reigns in January

Putting together the Lego Fire Station they got for Christmas

Rodan + Fields retreat in Dallas
we went early for a little girl time!


The first book I remember him reading me

He just zooms around the neighborhood on that thing!

He wore these pants out.  By far his favorite.  This day I was particularly impressed by his unmatched shoes and how he belted his t-shirt.

Covers her ears each time I use the blender

In our matching black dresses.  This girl is a dream

More Reedster style

Always climbing

Finally enjoying their new trampoline

Unseasonably warm day in February

Local playground fun

The start of the Titanic Stage....he builds it still all the time!

Reading to Stafford's class

He wants to stop and look at the dead seafood everytime we go to the grocery.  Haha!


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