Saturday, November 5, 2016

March & April 2015

Reedster wanted to wear my legwarmers

I miss these days....

Post nap snuggles

Standing independently 

Found a gorgeous spot on our street to watch the sunset

Date night

Daddy & Daughter

Ma & Pa sent the boys money for Valentine's Day.  We took our first trip to the "place with the backwards R in the Star" aka Toys R Us.  They were in awe.

Big boy haircut!

We didn't need all of that toilet paper

Cheering for the CATS!

We went to TN in March to celebrate Schaeffer's birthday.

Reed is definitely our animal lover

This was BEFORE the sheep head-butted her!

Releasing balloons in honor of Schaeffer's birthday

Amazing service honoring Peter's parents for their 30 plus years of service to Grace Baptist Church

All of my kids are climbers

This was one of my favorite shirts he wore at this age...just wanted to remember him in it

Races at the rest stop to run out some energy!

Last bath as a "baby"

Happy Birthday baby girl!

I seriously want all of her outfits in my size!

I can't remember why we got this ice cream but I love the look on his face!

Visiting the TN aquarium

She was and still is my best bud...such a little lover!

Happy Easter

Afternoon at KK's

This sums up a lot of our days :)

The boys were innovative in this yard....

On our way to KY so Peter could run the Derby Marathon

Our bed & breakfast

Birthday celebrations at Ma & Pa's....doesn't everyone have silly string at their birthday?

Lunch on the river on the way back to IL

Starting the food stealing early this one!

Our living room at the first Illinois house

Always stopping to watch the train down the street

Every day is a celebration when you have a 3 year old brother

He looks for R wherever he goes

And the climbing begins

We had easter egg hunts for DAYS after this Easter

Treasuring all of these sweet Mama moments....they are way too fleeting


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