Friday, November 4, 2016

January-February 2015

Uncle Steven started a nerf war obsession

Listening to Mama's old records on her new record player

Everyday after naps she just sits with me on the couch and plays


She's a horse girl at heart!

Climbing already

We love trains

Another one of my favorite outfits

Pretty winter sunsets from our kitchen

Little bit of a temperature difference between WA and IL

And more static!

Someone is getting a new bike!

We had a visit from Namaw, Ma & Valvalval

Baking cookies

Reading together sure is tiring!

She loves crawling through the stools

Younger brother taking a turn at feeding

Climbing stairs already!

I love how the cuddle and watch shows together

Standing in our high chair

She kept getting stuck like this

I think Peter was cleaning out the car.  She sat here and hollered at him for at least 30 minutes

Looking out the back door

One of my favorite pictures of her ever.  She would sit on our bathroom floor and watch me get ready.

Always into something

Our new to us playset!

Someone got into the paints!

Her mostly finished room

Often hard to get a smile out of this one!

Practicing our pullups

Cause & effect

Alphabet scoop

She would rock back and forth from one foot to the other when I would come in each morning.  Always so happy and excited to see her Mama!

Boys room (pre Reedster paint job)

She loves rocking!

On our way to see Aaron Shust.  He was SO excited

And of course his buddy was prepared with a sucker!

Celebrating Schaeffer's birthday

Look at those pretty blue eyes!

First big snow

Just a reminder of God's faithfulness through the hardest of times.  I always say it is no coincidence that son/sun are just spelled slightly different.  February was a hard, hard month.


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