Sunday, November 6, 2016

July & August 2015

First ponytail!

We call this "The Volcano Climbing Wall" playground

I love how she would have me touch the book where it was textured.

We spent lots of summer evenings at the splash park and playground

Daddy fixing a booboo

Roller coaster at a local 4th of July fair

The Thomasson's came for a visit on their way through to move to Alabama.  We fit TONS of fun into a short amount of time!

Just getting into building with blocks.  A precursor to the Lego days....

Just getting into climbing...a precursor to every day

Helping me with my dailyish workout

We call this the "Stegosaurus" playground

He went through a stage where he wore this every day!

Visiting Great-Great Aunt Jane and Uncle Bob

The start of our first trip to Michigan!

The Chicago Zoo

Our little cottage on Lake Hamlin

View from the front porch

I'm a cool weather beach convert.  It's fabulous to sit out all morning and not be sweaty!!

We walked the path to the lighthouse almost nightly.  It was slightly more nerve wreaking than the pictures show.  I was glad we went home with all three kids each night :)

Ferry from MI to WI...The Badger

She LOVED the seagulls

They LOVED the ice cream!

I LOVED the sunsets!

Celebrated his 5th birthday

Couldn't be more beautiful!  We love Lake Michigan

He LOVED hanging out with me...haha!

Girl still begs for her nap each day!

New local playground

You can see the redness in her right eye....pre surgery in November

So happy she got to wear this costume!  My little elephant

Each day when she naps she waves at me until I shut the door

Mrs. Clive.  Stafford's amazing pre-school teacher!

First day of Pre-K

The great paint debacle of 2015...courtesy of Reed & naptime

Wearing one of Mama's outfits

Sunday School ladies night and a visit from my Danielle!!!!!!


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