Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Grant's Birthday Story

I spent the majority of my pregnancy seesawing between wanting a 5th baby and thinking I could never be pregnant again.  By the end of the pregnancy the "I'll never be pregnant again" side was winning and so I was really trying to treasure all of it.  I was really looking forward to his birth and just enjoying those last few in utero baby kicks.  They are one of a kind.

Fast forward (because while you can't do that in real life you CAN do it in a blog post) to week 38.  I went in for my appointment and the OB was concerned with my swelling.  I quickly dismissed her because I was actually having a good day and felt like my feet resembled my own much more than Big Birds which had been the case since about 27 weeks.

My blood pressure was a little high so she told me she was sending me to the hospital.  She seemed frazzled and honestly I couldn't figure out if she was sending me because she just didn't want to deal with me or because I actually needed to go.

I asked her if I could return home because this Mama 3 times over didn't even have a bag packed. She highly suggested going straight to the hospital and basically put her hands over her ears and hummed when I mentioned I might stop by the house quickly.  We live 7 minutes from the hospital driving the speed limit.  I wasn't in labor.

But being the people pleaser that I am I went straight there.  I was admitted around 11.  They took some blood and ran some tests.  My blood pressure was high but not super high.  My feet were swollen but not super swollen.  I called Peter and we started making arrangements for the kids.  My nurse felt certain that the OB would keep me there.

Around 12:30 we were still waiting for labs to come back.  The OB finally checked my progress and I was only 2cm and 40% effaced.  Not exactly the perfect recipe for inducing.  The OB said he was going to release me but I should make an appointment to come back on the 22nd for an induction.

Try not to laugh at my awkward bathroom selfie.  It was my "one last I'm pregnant" picture.  I was SO sad that I didn't have my "birth shirt" with me.  I've worn it to the hospital with each kiddo.

By 12:50 the Doctor had reversed his decision and decided I needed to stay.  They gave me a dose of Cervidil (meant to thin your cervix) at 1:20.  The hope was that my body would naturally go into labor but he thought I might need at second dose around 5:20.

By 5:20 my contractions were regular and strong enough that the OB didn't want to give me another dose of meds.  So now it was just a waiting game until my body kicked into gear!

Around 8pm the nurse checked my progress and I was at 5cm and 70% effaced.  The contractions were starting to kick in at this point so she went ahead and started the IV for my epidural.  By 9:10 I had my epidural and at 9:25 the OB came in to break my water.

By now Peter had finally arrived.  Yay!!  My contractions started coming fast as soon as my water broke.  Around 10 I remember saying to Peter that I wish the nurse would stay in the room instead of leaving and coming back because I really felt like the baby was coming.  I also had a weird sensation of being able to feel the contractions down the front side of me but no where else.  All of the sudden it felt like NOW was the time.  Dr and nurses started rushing stuff into the room.  They put my feet up and Peter came over and immediately said....I see his head!!

I thought he meant the baby was crowning (as in you could only see the top of his head for those of you who aren't on the up and up in birthspeak).  Oh no.  His entire head was already out and he was just looking at Peter.  The Dr quickly told me not to push...did a few things (I have no idea what) and then literally the baby just fell out.  No pushing.  

It was a little surreal!  The nurses were wonderful and let us do lots of skin to skin before taking him and weighing him.  He is our littlest one by 2 ounces and an inch.  He fussed a little but calmed down and just cuddled with me.  

Peter went home on Wednesday morning and took care of the big kids.  Then after school he brought them up to meet their new little brother.  Everyone was excited but the Reedster was definitely the most excited.  He still asks to hold his brother almost every day.  He loves to help feed him too!


Isn't he beautiful?  Amazing how God knows just exactly what every family needs.  I'm not sure I ever thought I would be a boy Mama but I am so very thankful for all of mine!

I keep referring to the "five" of us.  Can't believe we are already a sweet family of 6.  It seems like just yesterday Peter and I were going on dates and talking on the phone late into the night.  Ten years later we are probably getting the same amount of sleep but life is sure richer.

Incredibly thankful for the amazing care we received at our hospital.  It was a fabulous experience all around!  

We are taking some time to rest this week after the Thanksgiving holiday and boy did we have a lot to be thankful for this year!  

Stay tuned for a "how we chose the name" post.....I LOVE it!


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