Monday, January 31, 2011

Help Me Decide!

Have you heard of Groupon?  It's a newish online coupon that changes daily.  Most large cities have an offer each day and you buy them online.  I've been waiting and waiting for a local Charleston salon to offer a Groupon and a couple of weeks ago my patience paid off.  I spent $50 and will receive $100 worth of services at a downtown salon.

Since I've entered this "new Mama" stage I have definitely neglected my appearance a bit.  I've let my hair get so bad that I am ready to just chop it all off and dye it purple.  I'm trying to decide on both cut and color.  So here are a few snapshots from the last few years.  Vote for your favorite in the comments or leave me a comment with your suggestions for both length and color.  I know what I think I prefer.....but I'm anxious to hear what you think!!  I"ll post my "after" pictures once I have my appointment!

 Photo 1
 Photo 2
 Photo 3
 Photo 4
 Photo 5
 Photo 6
 Photo 7
 Photo 8
 Photo 9
Photo 10


leiamarie82 said...

Dark and short!

Austin said...

I like how it is in Photo #2!

Christie said...

I like 6 and 7!

Anonymous said...

Photo 3! I like it dark and shorter, too. :)

Home and Nom said...

Photo 7!!

jana said...

haircut in #5 & 10. And I'm a fan of natural for color...except that now that I'm starting to gray, I'm also a fan of forgetting that I'm a fan of natural. :) love you, friend and I think you are beautiful!

Heather said...

you are beautiful no matter what, but if i were picking a photo or a color and cut, i would say photo #2!

Kathy said...

I know they're pretty different, but I like both 5 and 6! If I had to choose one, I think 5 looks more like your sweet and bubbly personality, though. Good luck choosing!

Rachel said...

I also like 5 and 6. I think 5 looks cute and fun and 6 looks really pretty.

Jared & Adri said...

#'s 3 & 10! Shoulder length and short. :)

Laura said...

Thanks for all of your suggestions!! I'm closer to make a decision but I think it might be one that I make when I go to the salon!! I'll make sure to get a good before (not that it will be good since my hair is a wreck!!) and after pic!! :)

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