Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laundry List

I have a ton of things to write about and nothing ready.  I need to upload pictures for Stafford's *gasp* 5-month update.  I need to look up the recipes for the yummy Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Leek Stuffed Chicken and Sweet & Sour Pot Roast.  I'm sure there were other ideas too but clearly they aren't ready either!

The blog world is full of linking and giveaways and is an interesting form of social networking.  I wonder if anyone has written a book about it yet.  Especially the SAHM/WAHM (however you prefer it) blogger.  I personally thought it was creepy at first to "follow" people I didn't know and read about their lives.  But now I'm getting great ideas for recipes, raising my son and photography.  The blogging world is kind of like a sorority for women with no dues and no weird initiation rites.  Well, unless you count learning to upload, download, link up and create header. (Which I STILL don't know how to do!)

A blog I came across recently is called Storing Up Treasures.  The other is a mother of ten!  She offers practical advice and a fun look into a large family.  Instead of hosting a "giveaway"  she is highlighting other great blogs!  Check her out and sign up!!


Eva said...

Laura, I just want to let you know that I **LOVE** reading your blog! I completely agree about the sorority feel of the blogging world...I can't wait till I have something exciting to write about so I can join another sorority with you! :) One of my friends (who also has a blog) follows "Storing Up Treasures"'s one of the few blogs I read that isn't written by a friend of mine. I miss you, but love being able to keep up on your life through this amazing blog! :)

Amber said...

I felt the same way about blogging, but now I just love it....obviously. I used to really care if people thought I was weird, so I wouldn't talk about it much, but it has been a great way for me to avoid losing my mind during long days of being at home.

Amber said...

BTW, thanks for opening my eyes to Storing Up Treasures. I look forward to exploring it.

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