Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365 Week Two

January 8: Daddy needed some help with his homework so Stafford was happy to oblige.  I love this photo!! 

January 9: I ran outside to get some shots of the freezing rain here in Charleston!  It was chilly here but no snow.  I hate what freezing rain does to the plants but it sure is beautiful.

January 10: This is Stafford's new buddy the humidifier.  Hopefully it will keep all the colds and congestion at bay.

January 11: Stafford is just starting to eat solids.  So far we've tried rice cereal, green beans and applesauce.  He sucks 3 of his fingers/thumb in between every bite!  He loves those green beans though!!
January 12: We're working on getting Stafford and Bear together.  Bear doesn't pay too much attention to the little guy mostly because Stafford is in that stage where he doesn't really have control of his hands so he is always hitting Bear.  But this was a sweet moment!
January 13: Sippy cup.  I like this shot because I turned off the flash and got a decent picture on manual.  Still lots of room to improve!

January 13: The last of the Christmas tree.  We finally got it down!!


Courtney said...

These are great! The one of Stafford and Bear cracks me up! One of our dogs could care less about our kids :O) I love the one of Peter and Stafford's hands! So cute!! Great job so far!

Sarah P. said...

Great week! And just get ready, life is about to get very messy with the little one eating solids! :)

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