Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365: Week Three

January 15: Guess who fed me this time?  I'll give you a wasn't Mama!!

January 16: If you follow the "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" one of the prompts last week was hair. I opted to use another shot but I liked this one of my brush and Stafford's side by side.

January 17: Doing such a good job holding his head up! 

January 18:  I blogged about my journals earlier this week here.  It is encouraging and funny to look back through them.

January 19: These came in the mail this week!!  They are Stafford's personalized thank-you cards.  I couldn't resist once I saw that little plane!  Plus the little guy has to learn to write his thank-you notes!!

January 20: I'm excited about this stuff.  Can you guess what it is?  Powdered peanut butter!!  At 45 calories per serving it is 1/4 the calories of the regular stuff.  I haven't tried it yet so I'll be sure to let you know how it tastes!!

January 21: Ahh....finished laundry.  Well, almost.  I still have to put it away.  I love looking at all those little tiny shirts and pants.

I really struggled with finding subjects this week.  I have to admit I skipped a few days and then took multiple pictures on one day.  Any advice for those of you that are really good at taking a daily picture of how to make it interesting?  I try not to have all the pictures of the little guy especially because at this point it's hard to "pose" a picture.  Any advice would be great!!


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