Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Mish Mash

It's Monday!!  That means I get to blog about anything and everything I want.  Oh wait, it seems I do that most days!  Regardless here is the latest and greatest!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Speaking of the Greatest

I see a lot of people complaining lately about other people who blog or facebook post about how great their life is.  No one seems to want to read the

"I  love my baby so much!!  He is the best baby in the world!!"


"My husband is the sweetest!  Roses again :)"

kinds of posts.  Well I say bring them on!!  I think it is awesome that you love your children and your husband!  I want to hear all about how you got flowers or a new iphone or 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Personally I'm a little put out with negativity.  I never said my life was perfect, but I sure am thankful for it!  I'm not saying you need to throw things around to make others jealous but if baby or husband or best friend or mom or whomever has made your day awesome feel free to share!!

2.  In that Case

I have the best baby in the world and the best husband!!!! :)

3. Long Run

I did my first 5 mile run today.  I'm training for a 1/2 marathon that is looming  and I have to admit I'm a little intimidated.  At first my goal was to finish.  Now my goal is to finish....but not in last place.  Seriously I might be the slowest runner EVER!!!  Today I told Peter I was going to run at 10am.  Instead I took a nap.  This meant that when I finally did get around to running a little after noon that it was 80 degrees and super sunny!!  I called the "best husband in the world" around mile 3 and begged him to bring me water.  Sweet husband got the baby, the dog and the water and drove until he found me.  Love that guy!!

4.  Plantain Perfection

At our sibling retreat aka Myrtle Beach Marathon a couple of weeks ago we ate at a great Mexican restaurant.  I'll admit I have a slight obsession with fish tacos.  I want them all the time!!  For dessert we ordered plantains.  Oh my!  Total perfection!  The first thing I picked up at the commissary last week was plantains.  What I found out when researching recipes is that plantains aren't ripe until they are black.  So if you see some black bananas in the discount section at your local supermarket they just might be perfectly ripe plantains.  Here is my recipe

Cut plantains on the bias.  Brush with mixture of melted butter, brown sugar and spices of your choice.  I used cayenne and cinnamon.  Grill for about 10 minutes.  Keep brushing the mixture when you turn the plantains.  Oh so yummy!!!

5. What. Is. This.

I have to admit I am not the model student when it comes to posting on facebook.  I don't tend to use capitol letters and I do a lot of this.....and this.....instead of using punctuation.  I never thought it might bother someone.  But I think it just might.  Want to know why I think that?  Because. Of. This.  What is this???  So many people seem to be using this method to get their point across.  I see it alot.  All. The. Time.  Seriously.  Everywhere. I. Look.  I find it to be a little bothersome, kind of like the use of "u" for you.  Are there things like this that bother you? 

6. New Look

I need help with my blog design!  Anyone have any expertise they want to share??

Hope you had a fabulous Monday!!!!!


Just the 3 of Us said...

Hi. I am Melissa and your newest follower from lowercase letters.

Little Sailor Designs did my blog for me. It was affordable and she was easy to work with - I told her what I wanted and she gave me many choices!! Check her out.

ashleigh said...

I agree I love when people write positive things opposed to negative I.e. I love my husband ;) because I write things like that :))) and I have a problem with u instead of you also :))
Smile :)
love ashleigh

Hope said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! :) I'm training for a half marathon right now too, so I feel ya (though it's 30 degrees here, so I'm MASSIVELY jealous of your warm weather!).

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