Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365-Week 6

February 5: My mozzarella stuffed meatballs.  Yum!!

February 6: Happy heart!

February 7th: 6 month old picture with his pelican.

February 8th:  Hard to tell but this redbird was beautiful.  I love how the lines of the trees make the picture look intricate.

February 8th: I love watching his little hands be able to do more and more things.  He has been doing this for a while but the frog song never gets old!

February 9th: We tried avocado.....not sure how he liked it!   I love how expressive his eyebrows are.

February 10th: My favorite mug....getting ready for a cup of coffee from our new coffee maker.

February 11th: Stafford LOVES his toes.


Karin said...

Hi Laura,

I'm glad Adri referenced you, and I'm even happier to see that you're doing a 365 blog! Thanks to Courtney's influence, I am, too! It's wonderful to see your beautiful family! I knew your husband a long time ago as he, Jared, and others spent time at my parents' home in the Springs.

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