Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 365-Week 8

February 20: Stafford is getting much better at sitting up.  I love this shot because he has his C-17 shirt on and he is happy!

February 21: We took Stafford to the aquarium.  I thought he'd be a little more interested in things but he fell asleep :)  I thought this turtle was cute.

February 22: Lots of color in my photos this week.  This is my first round of practice cupcakes from my cake class.

February 23: Bear was trying to get Stafford to take his toy and throw it for him.  So cute!!  Stafford's expression is hilarious in this picture!!

February 24: Our first big boy bath!!  I LOVE this is perfect for little ones!!

February 25: The remnants of icing after I cleaned up my mess.

February 26: More week I need to be more creative in my photos!!


Amber said...

The cupcakes look great. I wanted to take the Michael's class last year, before B was born, but it never fit into my schedule with BSF on Monday nights. I'll have to put that one on my list.

How is the training coming along?

BTW, sorry I have not replied to your FB message. I am bad about checking them. I will reply now.

Courtney said...

Yummy! Those cupcakes look great!! I love the first one you got of Stafford!! So stinkin' cute!!

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