Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What do you LOVE?

In honor of the LOVE month I'll be posting each week about things I am LOVING.  Personally I find thinking about what I LOVE makes me appreciate it and makes me extra thankful for what I have!!  Stay tuned on Mondays for each weeks list.

It is a special month for us because we had our first date (5 years ago!!) and Peter proposed (4 years ago) in February.  In honor of these events and just LOVE in general I'm going to try hosting my first "link-up" series.  I think it is fun to hear LOVE stories.  They encourage us in our relationships and they help us to get to know each other better.  Be thinking about the following topics...

My First Date (could be ever....could be with your fiancee, husband, current boyfriend)
Engaged! (or how I hope to get engaged someday!!-I had plenty of these planned in my head...ha ha)
A Time When God Showed Me Love (think of a very specific time that God revealed his love for you)
A Time When My Heart Was Broken (we all have can be funny or sad)

If you've already written about these types of topics you can just link back to your original posts.  I LOVE reading LOVE stories and I can't wait to read yours!!

We'll start tomorrow with our "first date" stories!!  Hopefully by then I can figure out how to use the link-up thingy!!


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