Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Bright Side

Over the last few days the Reality part of life has outweighed the Storybook.  Not by much but enough for me to say, I'm pretty bummed about leaving.  Moving hasn't really been a big part of my life.  I only lived in 2 houses growing up and when we moved I didn't have to change schools so it wasn't too big of a deal.  I spent 4 years at college, 2 years in grad school and then the rest of my time I've been in Charleston.  I've now been here longer than anywhere other than my house growing up.

The longer I'm in Charleston the more in grows on me.  At first glance there is the appeal of the beach and for me, the weather.  Yes it does get unbearably hot here sometimes (ok all summer) but I'll totally trade that for the wonderful mild winters that we enjoy.  After being here a while and really exploring this wonderful historic town it really gets in your blood.  I was fortunate enough to live right in the middle of downtown for my first two years here.  I loved walking to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays and running through historic neighborhoods.  I could go on and on about how I'll miss Charleston but today I'm focusing on the bright side!

It's always been my goal to visit all 50 states.  I don't mean have a layover in the airport and then check it off the list kind of visit.  I mean really go there and do something, or at least drive through so you can appreciate the scenery.

Peter and I counted on our last roadtrip and here are the states I have left

*Alaska* *Hawaii* *Idaho**Iowa* *Michigan* *Montana* *Nebraska* *Nevada* *North Dakota* *Oregon* *South Dakota* *Washington* *Wisconsin* *Wyoming*

See those states in bold??  We'll hit 6, count them, 6 states that I've never visited on our drive to our new home!  I am SO excited!!!  Because we'll have the Little Guy we plan to stretch our cross-country trek into a couple of weeks.  We'll spend fewer hours each day on the road and more time exploring the places we drive through.  We're planning to stop at Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone for a couple of days.  We'll also drive through Chicago--never been there either!

This trip leaves me with only 8 states left to visit!!  We plan to hop on over to Alaska and Hawaii sometime in the next year.  And Oregon and Nevada are close enough for a weekend jaunt!  When I really start thinking about it this move is starting to look pretty bright after all!!


Kathy said...

This is great! I'm impressed with how many states you've been to! Y'all are obviously going a different route than us to get to WA. We have family/friends in AR and CO and CA, so we're going kind of a middle route and taking some time off in those places to visit a bit... AJ's grandparents have never met Sam or Tim! We've been counting up states, too, and we'll be going through 10, including sc and wa. we've been to most before, but it'll still be interesting... and LONG!

alison said...

i can definitely empathize with you on living mainly in one place. i've moved a few different places through college, but mostly...i've been right here in good ole florida. but what i HAVEN'T done is really been to too many states. i've been all over the southeast, up most of the easter seaboard, and as far west as oklahoma....but that's about it. i'd love to hit the west coast eventually and hawaii is DEFINITELY on the "must-go" list too :) i'm definitely impressed with how short your list is for states you still need to see!

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