Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project 365 Week 21

This week's set is one of my favorites so far.  I'm excited that the weather is beautiful because I love taking pictures outside!

One of our desserts on our date night.  It was cornmeal bread pudding with caramel popcorn ice cream.  Yum!  The picture isn't great b/c we were in a super nice restaurant and I tried to take it as fast as possible!!

My two little guys looking at each other.  Love this one!

Miss Nola dancing on the beach.  She loves that water!!

A beautiful summer flower

The Folly Beach Pier at dusk

Thankful for my sweet husband and all the many other men, women and families who fight for our freedom!

My  Little Guy

Linking up today with....Darcy and Leigh.


Amber said...

Love the UK outfit!! And that hat is FANTASTIC. Plus, Stafford is just so adorable.

Great job on the pier photo. Very beautiful!

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