Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What A Mess

My child is a mess.  The good kind though.  The kind of mess that you just look at with a twinkle in your eye and shake your head.  I can hear him crawling through the kitchen as I type heading for Bear's bowls.  Be right back.  Seriously, just cleaned up a large puddle of water and rescued a few stray green beans from the Little Guy's chubby paws!

I find this kid everywhere!  And it happened all of the sudden!  Here is a little bit of what the wild man has been up to....

(There are also my project 365 pictures for week 19)

This one is normal enough....just hanging out with Daddy after a swim....

Stafford loves this huge ceramic bowl.  He pulls it off the shelf about 65 times a day.

Hmm...what's this?  The top to a trash can (gross!!)?  I think I'll bang on it.  (And then Mommy will wash my hands about 65 times!!)

Hi!  I'm in a box!

Bet you can't find me!! 

I LOVE watering the plants!!  And Mommy loves this cheesy grin despite the awful coloring in the photo.

Catch me if you can!!

I know it looks like he has the same outfit on in 1/2 of these pictures but he has these cute onesies that have animals embroidered on them and that is what we wear on our "at home" days.  I can't wait to see where I find this little guy next!!

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Rachel said...

It's so funny because B is 15 months old and since he doesn't walk and has never crawled, we have never experienced this. Our world is gonna change once he gets this walking thing down!

Life with Kaishon said...

I know your baby keeps your hands full. So darling. I miss having a baby around. My 11 year old is so independent.

Kathy said...

HA! Wait till he finds the dog's (6 yr old) bone that said dog just finished licking/chewing on and decides it's great for teething... EW!! That's what Tim did this afternoon and he's not even crawling yet!! And Sam goes digging in the trash on a regular basis, though it's usually the recycling, not the "real" trash... Welcome to the wonderful world of BOYS!! haha

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - that shot of him in the fridge is just too adorable!!! :)

Amber said...

He is such a cutie!! We have the same garbage can and B constantly wants to play in and around the trash. HEHEHEHE

Melissa said...

So precious! I remember when my Lucas was that age. I wanted to tear my hair out and laugh with delight multiple times a day...sometimes over the same things. :)

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