Monday, May 9, 2011

Father Son Moments

One of the amazing by-products of being Stafford's Mama is watching Peter be a Daddy.  Not only is he great with Stafford, he really does take part in raising him.  My favorite moment recently was hearing him "read" to Stafford.  It was an ABC book and the letter "G" was girls.  Peter told Stafford that girls were yucky but that Mommy was pretty great!  I can already imagine them wrestling (they do a modified version of this that I have yet to capture on film), playing ball, running and just hanging out together!  I love the look on Stafford's face when Peter comes home from work--pure adoration. 

When we were told that "Baby E" was a boy I wasn't sure what to think.  We have no boys on my Mom's side of the family for at least 4 generations.  I have no brothers or cousins.  I didn't grow up really playing with boys and I felt a little overwhelmed about being the Mama of a baby boy.  I'm sure I will have those days in the future--probably the day he comes home with a broken appendage, starts bringing "pets" into the house (aka bugs and other creepy crawling things) or wants to learn to pee standing up.  I'll give him the best advice I can, but it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I have such a willing and involved partner in the process!!

Here are a couple of my favorite Daddy-Stafford moments from the last month.  Enjoy!!


Hanging out on the back porch

Walking out to the beach on Sullivan's

First time in the water!!

I love my Daddy so much!

Mother's Day--how cute are they??

First trip to the swimming pool

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Jessica said...

LOL, that baby is just to cute!!! I have all girls, but totally love my nephew!!!!

deb duty said...

What sweet photos of your little boy and his daddy! I have two boys that are teens now and I was just telling them last night that I thought I wanted girls before they were born. I was so wrong! God knew what I was supposed to have because I absolutely love having boys!

Susan said...

Oh sweet these are.

I'm the mom of 5 sons. They are AWESOME!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Awwwh what a great daddy!! and hubby too, I'm sure :)

Sue said...

How cute are they?

Pretty dang cute!


Marcie said...

I love that little smile!

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