Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thoughts on Motherhood

Today is my first Mother's Day.  I thought I'd have some profound thoughts or words of wisdom regarding "Motherhood" but I am surprisingly at a loss for words on that subject today.  Me, a loss for words?  Yeah it happens occasionally.

I think I feel wordless for two reasons.  The good reason is this-I feel like everyday is "Mother's Day" for me.  I've talked about it multiple times but the addition of THANKFULNESS in my life has totally changed my focus and attitude about just about everything.  I am without question a glass half full person no matter what.  That doesn't mean that my glass isn't full of bitter tasting stuff sometimes.  But I've chosen to praise God through the stormy weather in life.  Because of this I feel like everyday I get to be a Mama is a celebration. 

At our house right now we are celebrating crawling and pulling up.  We're celebrating sounds like bababa and lalalala.  We're drinking in all the slobbery kisses, toothless grins and bathtime splashing we can get.  And I am loving every minute of it!  For these reasons I feel blessed to be a Mom.  I feel blessed to change dirty diapers.  I feel blessed to look down at a drool covered shirt.  I feel blessed to get up in the middle of the night to comfort my crying baby.  I feel blessed to do extra laundry.  I feel blessed to shop for little tiny clothes (ok clearly I LOVE doing this but it still takes time and money).  If you haven't caught on, I am blessed!!

Being blessed brings me to the second reason I am wordless today.  My heart aches for girls just like me who are aching to be Mamas.  And I know a lot of them are praising God during this stormy time in their life.  But on days like these I think it is just hard!  It is hard to be patient.  It is hard to watch as friend after friend welcomes a tiny human into their home and heart.  It is hard not knowing if or when that dream of being someones Mama will ever come true.

I'm not saying that those of us that are already Mama's shouldn't celebrate this special day.  But on this day and every other day, just keep in mind that there are women out there who want to be Mama's too.  It is a great opportunity to be sensitive to people who are going through a very personal struggle.   Most people don't broadcast their inability to conceive and you never know who might be dealing with that issue or a similar struggle regarding Motherhood.

To my dear friends who are waiting on Motherhood--some of you have lost little ones, some of you are pregnant for the first time, some of you are waiting on adoptions and some of you are still trying to conceive-you are in my prayers!  I pray the Lord give you peace as you wait patiently on his timing.  I pray for healthy pregnancies.  I pray for healthy babies.  I pray for swift paperwork and no administrative delays.  I pray for God's perfect timing!  I love you all!!


Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

Happy Mothers Day sweet Laura! I love this post and say "yes and amen!" to everything you said. I hope women who need to read this will. Such a blessing. ")

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