Friday, June 3, 2011

The Bucket List

May has quickly become June and I know that time is just going to continue to fly!  Peter and I decided a couple of weeks ago that we should make a "To Do" list for Charleston.  The first thing we added was restaurants.  We came up with 25 must-visits and rapidly realized this was ridiculous!  So we each got to pick 5 places to go.

So here are the places we will visit before we leave....

1. Poe's
2. Taco Boy
3. Fleet Landing
4. Bull Street Deli
5. An Italian restaurant we haven't chosen yet
6. Any new restaurant
7. Circa 1886
8. Five Loaves Cafe
9. Rita's
10. Zia Taqueria

They aren't the most expensive or by far the fanciest in town but they are all places we love (other than Circa & the new restaurant!).  It's all about getting that "one last" meal at each place.

Stafford's first ever visit to Poe's

Stafford & Daddy at Poe's in May

Stafford strapping in for the Farmer's Market

Our other "To Dos" include....

*visiting and touring a plantation
*visiting Cypress Gardens
*throwing a birthday bash for Stafford (albeit a month early!)
*a Charleston Harbor Cruise
*go on a carriage ride
*go to the Farmer's Market
*walking on Folly Beach (the scene of our first date & proposal)
*taking lots of pictures
*hugging lots of friends and
*making lots of lasting memories

We realized that we should have made and started a "To Do" list months ago!  With a town like Charleston you can live here a long time and still not experience everything it has to offer!  I guess we'll have to start on our Seattle/Tacoma bucket list soon!!

Do you have any "must see" places in Charleston?  Anything we should add to our list?  Do you have a bucket list for your town or area?  What is on it?


Eva said...

Laura--you are going to have SO MUCH FUN on the West Coast!!! Do you remember Linnea (Volker) Reed (my big)?? She & her husband live in Yakima and have an adorable 18 month old, Aidan. I'm hoping to move out there in the next couple of years for work! Miss you lots!!

Meghan said...

This makes me sad :(

Allison said...

Things that are on my list for when Adam and I come are:
Taco Boy
Cypress Gardens (I have never been, can you believe?)
Stafford's Early Birthday! (YES?!)
Carriage Ride
Folly Beach
Andolini's Pizza (old habits die hard, haha!)
Farmer's Market
A W Shucks (Soley for the pecan crusted chicken drizzled with honey...oy!)

So...if you want to plan any of your To Dos with our To Dos, that would be fun!!!
Can't wait to see you soon!!!!

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