Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I Love--Peonies

What is your favorite flower?  Mine is without question a peony!  They are beautiful, very fragrant and remind me of my great-grandmother, Mama Thomas, who had them growing at her house.  The first thing I plant when I have a home of my own will be a peony bush!

Aren't they just beautiful?  We had some bushes at our house growing  up and each year when they were in bloom my Mom would send us to school with a bouquet for our teacher!

Here are some of my favorite peony things!

I might have to try this....I love perfume!

Beautiful cut flowers!

Wouldn't this look fabulous in a powder room?

And this would make it smell wonderful!

A few fun facts I learned about the peony
    *It is the floral symbol of China
    *It is the state flower for Indiana
    *It is the 12th anniversary flower
    *Known as the flower of riches & honor
(I found these on teleflora which has a bunch of fun facts about all kinds of flowers!!)

What is your favorite flower?  Do you have a favorite item that features that flower?  Do you have it planted at your home? 


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