Friday, June 3, 2011

Shark Attack!!

One of the Little Guy's "Aunts" is my dear friend Heather.  Heather hired me for my job here in Charleston back in 2004 and we shared both an office and an apartment before I married Peter.  To put it mildly Heather is passionate.  Very passionate.  And one of the things that she just loves is sharks.  I mean this girl has Shark Week on DVD and dreams of diving with a Great White.  I kid you not!  Aunt Heather started Little Guy with his supply of shark themed clothing and I can't help but add to it, especially when Gymboree is having such a great sale!!

Last week my sister & her family were in town and one night we ate out at Folly Beach and then took the kids walking on the pier.  While we were walking we saw lots of people fishing.  On our way back 2 different people caught sharks!!

So in honor of Aunt Heather here is the Little Guy touching his first (and hopefully last) shark!

Stafford looks way more interested in the fisherman than the fish!

Stafford sporting his shark swim trunks courtesy of Aunt Heather

We love you Aunt Heather!!


Heather said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Love this, not that I don't love all things sharks AND Stafford. Life almost couldn't get any better. Can't wait to see him in July!!!! oh, and you guys as well.

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