Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 Month Update

The Reedster 

Dear Reed,

4 whole months!!  I can't believe you are already this big!  It seems like just yesterday we were finding out about you (actually one year ago tomorrow!!) and now you are already such a big little boy!

You had your four month check-up last week.  You weighed 15 pounds 1 oz (28th %tile) and you were 26 inches long (84th %tile).  You are long and skinny just like your brother at this age.  Today I put away all of your 0-3 month clothes.  Doing that makes me hope you'll have a little brother someday!

You are such a smiley baby.  You coo and laugh and smile all the time.  You have started to notice both Bear and your brother as well.  I love to just get you talking and laughing.  I guess we will have two big talkers in our house.

You are doing pretty well with sleeping.  You generally go to bed between 9 and 10 and then sleep anywhere between 7 and 8.  You fall asleep on your own which is great.  You aren't super consistent with naps but somedays you will nap at the same time as your brother.  Mama loves those days!

You are very close to rolling over.  We think you might have done it once but neither of us saw it.  You don't mind being on your tummy but you don't like it for long.  You do like to sit up though and during dinner you sometimes sit in the bumbo and "eat" with us.  You have started to grasp a few things though you seem to like blankets better than toys.  

We traveled to Kentucky and Tennessee this month to meet all of your family.  You were wonderful on the plane and slept like a baby (haha) while we were home.  Everyone loves you just like we knew they would!  

Mama is still avoiding dairy products but you still have quite a bit of trouble with spitting up.  I'm not sure if it is just normal because Stafford never spit up ever.  So we will probably start eating some solid food soon based on the Doctor's recommendation.  He said that might help.

We love you so much.  We love your smile and your laugh!  We are so very blessed to be your parents!

Mama & Daddy


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