Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 Year Update

1 year

2 years
Dear Stafford,

You are officially 2 years old.  I thought I would be a little more sad about this day but really I couldn't wait to see your face when you saw the ginormous fire truck we bought you.  You were also pretty impressed with the "Melmo" cupcake.

You have changed so much since my last update!  It is amazing the progress that you have made in just 3 months!  I know toddlers are like sponges but I had no idea you'd be soaking up quite so much!

You are still wearing 18-24 month clothes with a few 2T here and there.  You wear size 5 diapers and size 6 shoes.  We bought you some crocs and you wear those everyday.  Daddy works on your left and right whenever you put your shoes on.

You know most of your colors but you always say red first.  I usually have to ask you a second time and then you will tell me the correct color.  You count to twenty but something you skip 14, 15, 16 and 17.  You know all of your upper and lowercase letters by sight and when we are driving you often yell out numbers or letters that you recognize.

Some of my favorite things you say are "Where's x"  When you find it you say "There you are" and it is usually followed by "Hi x".  You might have picked up "shoot" from your Mommy who says that when she forgets something or stubs her toe.  I catch you saying it every once in a while.  When we throw the ball with you you say "ready" and if you miss you say "almost".  You've also stared saying "How are you? but it comes out like "hower you?".  You also understand your name and will call yourself by it sometimes.

One of my least favorite things you've learned is the word pull.  You often try to grab my hair and say pull or mama pull.  If I tell you not to you'll usually grab your hair and do it.  In my head I think it is funny but sometimes it really hurts!

You've started to enjoy music.  Your favorite song is If You're Happy and you Know It.  I love watching you do the "hooray" part.  You also like Jesus Loves Me, Deep & Wide, The Frog Song, The Monkey Song, The Elephant Song, Old MacDonald and The Wheels on the Bus.  You want to listen to "pumic" as often as you can.

You have done a great job in your swimming lessons and are very comfortable in the water.  You have also started climbing things and trying to hop.  When you run you say "go go go".  We usually let you run for a while when we go on walks at night.

You have done a great job learning all of your family member's names.  I made a book for you and during breakfast we would look at pictures and work on names.  You still ask if we are going to see "valvalval" often and at night you usually want to thank Jesus for Daddy, Allison, Yancey and Nola. You love all of your family very much and had a great time with them while we were on vacation.

You are still into animals and transportation.  We went to the aquarium on vacation and when you saw the mccaws you yelled "Mccaw!!"  You read your zoo book or animal book almost everyday.  You have particularly enjoyed playing with your Little People vehicles and matchbox cars.  You really like the ambulance, firetrucks and construction vehicles.  I love listening to you say ambulance and cement mixer.  I'm not sure anyone else would know what you mean but Mama does!

You've started chasing Bear around the house with a pillow.  You also get into the pantry as often as you can and pour out whatever you find.  Hopefully by the next update you will not being doing that!

You are still an excellent sleeper at night and a good napper.  You take anywhere from a 2 to 4 hour nap.  You seem to require more sleep because you get pretty grumpy if you haven't had enough!  Sometimes you will even go down for your nap around 10:30 or 11 if you are too fussy.

You have adjusted well to having a baby brother.  In the morning you look for him and you are gentle with him.  Sometimes you tell me to move him when I am holding him.  But your attitude and behavior have improved over the past 3 months.  You are starting to become a better listening and starting to obey even when it is hard.

You are starting to do and say so many funny and cute things that I need to keep a running list.  I know I will forget them the next time I sit down to update!

Your Daddy and I love you so very much.  You've changed our lives and life is so full and fun with you!  You have a happy, happy heart and we pray you will learn to love Jesus and others with that sweet heart!  We are already proud of the little boy you are becoming!

Mama & Daddy


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