Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cousin Lovin'

Did I mention we had a GREAT time visiting our family last month?  The older I get the more important family becomes.  I adore watching the Little Guy interact with his cousins.  He has a super special bond with Nola and somehow they have figured out how to be BFF from afar.  ALL of the cousins are wonderful though and it was so fun to see them interact with each other!

These two were a hot mess.  I tried for days to get a good picture with both of them smiling.

Saying goodbye at the end of our trip

They seriously love each other!!

LOVE this!  Missing the Littlest Guy here but it is still a great picture of all of the cousins on Daddy's side.  I can't believe I've been around so long.  When I first met Peter's family the cute little girl in the pink had just turned 2!!!

All the boys in their matching outfits from Mimi....totally adorable!

Newest Walker!


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