Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things To Remember..

I don't want to forget....

-how you voluntarily give me "muahs" all day long.

-how you used to say that the cow says "boo".

-how you love trucks all of types and point them out when we drive.

-that your favorite animals right now are a jaguar, a puma, an elephant, a tiger and a lion.

-that you recognize a macaw when you see it in real life.

-that you say "hear it" when you hear a train or an airplane.

-that you say "I hold you" when you want me to pick you up.

-that you say "alright, ok" when you've fallen down to let us know you are alright and ok.

-that you sometimes yell, "Peber"

-that you want to call family members on the phone and say "talk Ma" or "talk Mimi"

-that you tell us everything is red when we ask what color before telling the actual color.

-that you love numbers and letters and point them out wherever we go.

-that you say "Daddy plane" when an airplane flies overhead.

-that you kiss your baby brother whenever you see him.

-that you chase Bear around the house with a pillow and say "throw Bear".

-that you love all of my girlfriends and get sad when they leave after a playdate.

-that you are learning to climb

-that you often want to thank Jesus for Yancey and Tommy at night

-that you ask if KK is going to give you a bath

-that you call everything big.  BIG phone.  BIG elephant.  BIG water.

-that you want to "help" me do everything now.  You especially like the dustbuster/vacuum combo

-that for the most part you are quick to obey and sorry when you are wrong.

-that you say "again Jesus" when I sing Jesus Loves Me.

-that you yell "hi hi hi" when you are finished with your nap or want out of your crib.

-the excited look on your face when you watch your favorite show. (Mickey or Diego)

-that you want to blow on everything that is hot....including the oven and grill.

-your insatiable appetite!

-your sweet giggle when you jump on my back and say "you've got me"

-how you still take my hair out of a clip or rubber band because you want to play with it

-that you call your paci a poppy or pappy (we only use at nap and night)

-how you say "go go go, go go go" over and over when you run

-how you run into my arms for a kiss whenever I ask you.

I never want to forget you at 2!!


Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

Sweet memories :) he sure is precious!

Christy Areheart said...

That is soooo sweet!!!!

Crystal Green said...

That is sweet, and you definitely gave me an idea.

S said...

Incredibly precious! Those things are written on your heart; you wouldn't be able to forget them if you tried.

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