Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bluegrass Bound

A couple of weeks ago Stafford and I decided to make the trek to Kentucky so he could meet more of his Roxberry and Stafford family.  We drove up on Monday, stopping at 3 Cracker Barrels so Stafford could eat while I rocked in the rocking chairs outside, and made the trip in a little over 10 hours.  Tuesday we went to see my Namaw & Grandaddy Stafford.  This is of course where Stafford got his name!

Nola & Namaw meeting Stafford

Grandaddy holding Stafford

4 "Stafford" Generations

Allison & Nola

Great Uncle Ed & Aunt Val

The Stafford-Roxberry family

Proud Mama

Stafford was worn out from his trip to Kentucky so on the way home we decided to split up the trip and make it in two days.  While he was home Stafford got to meet Aunt Allison & Uncle Yancey, Cousin Nola, Great Grandaddy & Namaw, Great-great Aunt & Uncle Ritter, Great Aunt & Uncle Val & Ed and Great-great aunt and Uncle Kemper.  We also got cute froggy stuff from our Stafford family!!  We love frogs!!

Aunt Heather came for a visit all the way from Ohio!

Gina & Heather came over to meet Stafford on Wednesday night.  And on Tuesday we had a special dinner with the Porter family, continuing the Porter-Roxberry tradition of family dinners.  Stafford also got to meet Hannah, his future BFF!!  We had a wonderful time in KY and can't wait to go back at Thanksgiving with Daddy!!


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