Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Photo Share

My friend Courtney has just started a photography blog to help teach people to take amazing photographs.  Coincidentally I just bought a camera so I could learn to take amazing photographs!
Each Friday you can "share" a picture you have taken using something you've learned on her site.  Other photographers can critique it and help you continue to improve.

This week I'm posting a picture of my adorable niece Nola.  In this picture I used the "rule of thirds" to capture her face when she saw a cat walking through the backyard.


Courtney said...

Laura, this is priceless!!! I love how you left space in the frame for her to look into :O) Great capture and you even got some nice bokeh to the left of her head. Well done!! So glad you joined in the fun!!

Amber said...

I am with least on the space in the front of the frame. It makes you wonder what she is looking at.

I would say move her back just a little bit more to get her face on the third

TrishaHughes said...

Fantastic expression! Love the excitement & nice background bokeh.

Meghan said...

I loooove this!!!

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