Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sugar-Free September

Another by-product of my sweet son Stafford is my super-sized summer wardrobe.  Ok, maybe not super-sized but we're definitely looking at the extra value meal size clothes instead of the salad and fruit parfait version.  I know, I know, its only been a couple of weeks since Stafford arrived but I've got to start sometime!  I can't figure out if the alliteration motivated me or the fact that it is noon in Charleston and nice enough to take a walk outside.  This means fall, aka jeans that don't fit weather is on the way.  Regardless, I THINK I am going to do this.
I've already cheated.  Sort of.  Does that small brownie I had for breakfast yesterday count? 

I'm going to start this on Tuesday the 7th and go until October 7th.  I'll probably be kicking myself October 1 because I could start today but we're going on vacation this weekend!  It's almost impossible to be at the Euler's and be sugar-free!!

Here are my "rules" for Sugar-Free September.

1. No dessert items (aka brownies, ice cream, cake etc)
2. Starbucks drinks are allowed-1 per week-as long as it is the lite version
3. My morning cereal doesn't count, but I can only have 1 serving and can only eat it for breakfast
4. In addition to "no-sugar" I will also drink at least 64 oz of water each day
5. I will walk at LEAST 3 times a week

Goal: lose at least 1/2 of my remaining pregnancy weight by October 7 (Stafford's 2-month b-day)

Ask me how I'm doing when you see me!


Amanda Thomasson said...

good for you, laura! you can do it! i'll try to remember to ask you how it's going!

Amber said...

You are one brave soul. Like I said on Facebook there is no way I could have given up sugar after having Bennett. It is what I have craved the most through pregnancy and nursing. However, when I am down nursing I should give it a shot. It would be good for me.

Laura said...

so far so good...2 days into the opened jar of nutella in my pantry calls to me all the time...

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