Monday, September 27, 2010

Top Ten Again

I like top ten lists.  They make me think.  And prioritize.  Maybe I should make a top ten list of things I need to do around my house?  Hmm....I'd much rather share....

Top Ten Things I'm Slightly Obsessed with Lately

10. Cooking Shows

9. Finding the perfect chicken salad recipe

8. Ordering things off the Internet (mostly because I LOVE getting packages!)

7. Freezing Jello Chocolate Pudding and pretending it is ice cream

6. Losing these last 10 pounds of pregnancy weight (and then some!)

5. Videotaping Stafford all the time trying to catch him "talking"

4. Trying to figure out why we have so much laundry

3. Airplane clothing for Stafford--Gymboree is currently draining my savings!! :)

2. Adorable feet on Stafford's pjs--my favorites are the dinosaurs that really look like little dino feet

1. Sweet sweet smiles that Stafford is giving us!

How cute is my little man in his airplane button down & khaki pants??


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