Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pantry Staples

This post is inspired by my conversation last night with two good friends over dinner.  We started chatting about things that we can't live without in our house and how different every person's pantry/refrigerator looks.  Here are the "Top Ten Things" I can't live without in my pantry or fridge.

10. Boxed Cereal
This one is pretty common but I eat it every morning for breakfast and especially when I was pregnant it was one of the only things that appealed to me.

9. 1% milk
For my cereal of course!

8. Nutella
This is another new one since pregnancy.  Maybe it should be on the "I want to be be in my pantry but should it be?" list.

7. Tomato
This one is surprising because growing up it was on the "don't like" list.  Given my fondness for caprese salad and sandwiches though, this one is almost always in the house.

6. Kefir
This one isn't for me.  But ever since Peter started watching what he was eating for Krohn's this yogurt-like treat is always at our house.

5. Basil
This one isn't in either the pantry or fridge.  It's out on the porch.  But it still counts.  I use it almost everyday for something!

4. Crystal Light
We call it "The Good Stuff".  Whatever they put in the Tangerine-Strawberry something or other has us hooked.  We've always got "The Good Stuff" at the Euler's.

3. Ale-8-1
What?  You don't know what this is?  Clearly you didn't grow up in KY and that makes me sad for you.  Very, very sad.  Ale-8 is a KY made soft drink that is fabulous.  You can only drink it out of the bottle. The can just doesn't cut it.  After Stafford was born my parents brought me 3 6-packs of this fabulous stuff.  I'll ration that until it's time for a trip home!

2. Vinegar-Balsalmic, Red  Wine, White Wine & Apple Cider
All have a purpose.  All are yummy!!  All are ALWAYS in my pantry.

1. Goat Cheese
Yes you read that right.  Goat cheese.  I love it.  I mean reeeeallly love it.  It goes on salads, sandwiches, soup.  It goes with savory and sweet.  It is fabulous and I've GOT to have it!

What are your "Got to have it" items??


Kathy said...

bread, cheerios (multiple varieties), Dr. Pepper, Cabot cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, salsa and jalepenos (for AJ), milk (whole and 1%), eggs, crisco and other baking essential (I bake a lot), jasmine rice. Oh, and peanut butter... my kids couldn't live without it, I'm pretty sure...

Amber said...

This is a fun post. I may have to copy.

We are with you on Crystal Light. We are addicted to the Ruby Red Grapefruit. It is the "Real Good Stuff"

I hope life with Stafford is continuing to go well. I'm still waiting for a post telling us about how you chose the name.....please!

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