Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Salad Yumminess

I am on a search for the perfect chicken salad recipe.  When my parents visited after Stafford was born we headed downtown to my favorite spot, The Bull Street Deli.  The Bull Street is a great little spot where you can get AMAZING gourmet deli food!  I practically lived on their tomato, mozzarella sandwich known as "The Mozz" during my last four years at CofC.  Since I am a creature of habit I've never tried anything else there!  My Dad and Peter ventured out and had these fabulous chicken salad sandwiches.  Usually I play food detective and try to figure out what is in something but that sandwich was so good I had Peter trade me 1/2 of his for 1/2 of my Mozz and I ate it so fast the only thing I could recognize was chicken, cranberries and yumminess!!

So...this brings me to today as I search the Internet for chicken salad recipes.  None of them look super appealing to me in recipe form.  I abhor celery so it is out.  I'll let you know what I find.

The other recipe I am obsessed with finding is this cold green bean, walnut & feta salad.  I am not a fresh green bean lover.  But a couple of weeks ago we had a potluck at church and someone brought this amazing salad.  I even had a dream about this salad it was so good!  The ingredients I could determine from eating were: green beans, feta, walnuts, red onion, fresh dill, white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe a little but of Dijon.  I am dying to either recreate or have this salad again.

Ooooo....I just found this green bean salad online!!  It is a Southern Living recipe!  Looks like all I left out was the garlic.  And there is no Dijon.  Regardless I am heading to the commissary (I was going anyway) and getting the ingredients for this salad!  I'll post the recipe and a picture tomorrow!

Have any chicken salad recipes to share?  I'd love to have them!!


Christie said...

You might like this one:

You can easily leave out the celery. I am always leave random parts of this recipe out if I don't have them on hand and it's still good every time!

If you're concerned about the curry, just add a little at first. It's really not a very strong curry flavor but you can adjust to your tastes!

Rachel said...

Amanda has made this version for our bible study a few times and it is delicious!

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