Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Little Helper

I've been an a cleaning rampage in our house.  For the most  part I'm trying to get the house ready to be shown so we can hopefully rent it out!  But the rest of it is just the "I can't take it anymore!!" urge to spring clean!  Of course I have two special helpers here at my house.  One stays out of the way and one wants to be nearby all of the time.  Our kitchen floor gets cold because it is tile so I put down a blanket for Stafford so he could be in the kitchen with me while I spent most of Tuesday scouring every surface (except the floors!). 

While cleaning out my spice cabinet I heard the familiar noise of Bear's bowls being clanked against the floor.  I figured Stafford had managed to overturn the water bowl and didn't think much of it.  There was no crying involved so I didn't stop my work.

When I finally did look up this is what I found:

If you can't by looking, Stafford is chewing on a piece of dog food!!  This from the boy who refuses to eat  puffs or cheerios by himself.  I mean, I'm proud of this developmental milestone but did we really have to do it with dog food???  I got it out of his mouth before he swallowed but still....gross!!

The front of his outfit was covered with water because he did indeed spill the water bowl as well.  I just have to laugh at these things because I know it is what I have in store as the Mama of a little boy.  I can't wait to share more of Stafford's adventures with you!


Amber said... cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute. :)

After fishing a piece of Toby's cat food out of N's mouth a few months ago, his water and food bowls were promptly moved to the basement.

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