Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stafford's 8 Month Update

Stafford at 8 months

Dear Stafford,

Each month seems to go by faster and faster and the faster it goes the bigger you get!  You are almost at the "in to everything" stage so I am trying to enjoy sweet cuddles and kisses from my little guy as long as possible!

You are still wearing your 3-6 month clothes but now that the weather has gotten warmer we've gotten out your 6-9 month clothes.  I love all the cute summery outfits and colors!  At the beginning of March we traveled to KY with Bear to visit family.  You had a great time with Memaw & Grandpa and Nola.  It won't be long before you are running around after her!  While we were there you also got to visit with other family and friends.  You were a GREAT little travel buddy!

You are still eating like a champ!  You are a very loud eater and make some sort of noise between every bit.  You love everything you try (except some type of turkey that Mama tried to make you eat in KY) and you never seem full! For breakfast you usually eat oatmeal or rice cereal, some type of fruit or veggie and then as much applesauce as you want.  For dinner you usually eat 1 veggie or fruit and then applesauce or yogurt.  You still nurse 5 times a day, every three hours.

You are still wearing your size 2 diapers.  We tried a size 3 when we ran out of 2's but they were huge!  So it is back to 2's until you grow a little more.  You started drooling a lot while we were in KY and Daddy and I keep thinking that we'll wake up in the morning and you'll have a little tooth but so far you don't have any. 

You are sitting up and love to play with your musical table and your elephant you got for Christmas.  We bought you some stackable rings, blocks and books to read as well.  Right now you are only interested in closing the books.  You have pulled up a few times on your musical table and once you even stood up!  You are also getting very close to crawling.  You go backwards and in circles and manage to get where you need to go with a combination of that and rolling around. 

One of your new tricks is making a "wah wah wah" noise with your mouth.  Memaw started this when you would make a noise.  Now you clasp your hands in front of you and bring them to your mouth and make a noise.  It is so cute and funny!

You are still sleeping from about 8 to 8.  You usually take a good morning nap but afternoon naps are still up in the air.  You are such a happy baby that I don't mind you being up.  You love to play!  For a while you were playing independently a lot but lately you have not wanted to be out of Mama's sight.  You still love to give hugs and kisses and you play with my hair or your hair all day long.  I can tell you are tired if you start to do that or arch your back when I am holding you.

Stafford you are an absolute JOY to love.  Your Daddy and I love you so very much.  You grow more and more special to us with each passing day.  We love your sweet spirit and happy heart.  We pray everyday that you will grow up and follow Christ!  We are so thankful for the special blessing that you are in our lives!!

Daddy & Mama

Clearly I didn't think these shots through when I started them!  I forgot that I'd have a little wiggle worm before the end of the year!!  Pelican shots in the green chair now require multiple adults for supervision!!


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