Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm feeling a little unsettled today, and no it's not because I am STILL in the process of cleaning the entire house.  I am making slow progress but it is getting there!

This is what is on my mind....

I've enjoyed the outlet that blogging has given me over the past few months.  I've met new friends, been encouraged in my faith, learned new skills, received fun affirmation, given positive feedback and for the most part I've enjoyed reading and sharing in the lives of other women.  I don't tend to "follow" a lot of blogs because I am a new mom and I really do work to try to keep the house clean, play with the Little Guy and get together with friends for fellowship, Bible study and encouragement.  Oh, and I nap too!

I had been following a blog for a while that I thought was going to be encouraging.  There is no need to tell you anything about the blogger (and I only  know what he/she shares on their blog) but from the posts it seems like the blogger is a committed Christian.  At first I was encouraged by the blogger's story, they are definitely making a difference in the world in a positive way, but lately the posts seem to be more negative.

Today the post encouraged readers to "rant" about things that bothered them.  At that point I realized that I just couldn't identify with the blogger any longer.  Don't get me wrong, I am certainly capable and guilty of complaining.  But I work really really hard to have a spirit of thankfulness in my life and heart.  I'm not always successful but I do not think inviting others to fuss and fume about what is bothering them is a way to promote positive Christian living.  On a side note I declined to post or send an email to the blogger.  Do you think this is the right thing to do?  I have seen how people can 'attack' others through message boards and blog posts and that is not my attention here.  What would you do?

One of my favorite sets of verses says

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

God doesn't really make suggestions in the Bible.  He tells us what to do.  He's not suggesting here that we should probably try to be thankful.  He is saying, "Hey, be joyful ALWAYS and while you are at it don't ever stop praying.  And if you think that is hard no matter what happens or how hard it is or how much you want to fuss and fume about it BE THANKFUL because this is the circumstance I have given you!"

He says it in a nicer way than I did but seriously people!  I know life is hard!  I know that you may look at me and think well she has it easy so of course she can rejoice.  But that isn't true!  Everyone, yes everyone, is daily fighting a losing battle with their own sinful heart.  It is ONLY be God's grace that I can be thankful....that I can pray continually....that I can be joyful no matter what!

We are in the middle of a special season-Easter.  In some ways this season shouldn't be any different than any other time of year.  We aren't called to live "extra-specially good" during Easter.  We are called to live before Christ daily every day of the year.  But this is a special time to reflect on the enormous gift that Christ gave us when he died on the cross to save us from ourselves!

I would encourage you to turn your frustrations into JOY.  Am I frustrated about things in life?  Yes!!  But I find it much more peaceful to turn that frustration into something I can be thankful about.  If you're having trouble with this let someone know!  Find someone that you trust that can lift you up in prayer and keep you accountable with this!!  Letting thankfulness rule my heart has absolutely changed my life.  I hope you will let it change yours!!

Have something you are thankful about?? Share it with me!  I'd love to be thankful with you!!!  Also, please please keep me accountable in this area!!  I never want to turn this blog into a place of negativity or complaining. 

Among zillions of other things today I'm thankful for Spring and the new life it brings....

.....and sandwiches....really big, yummy, pesto stuffed, mozzarella and tomato sandwiches!


Malou said...

Laura, you have always had a positive outlook on life even when we were 14 and trying to figure out what the world was about!!

AFG said...

I'm thankful for sweet baby girl and her healthy development!
And for all the delicious fruit that's in season right now.
And for maternity shorts with a stretchy band.
And for a Savior who cares about each of these things!

Anonymous said...

I know who you're talking about ... and I participated, actually. Yes, having an attitude of thankfulness is very important but there are some days and some moments where it is a need to unload your burden. I'm not one to complain very often but I sighed with relief when I hopped on her blog and saw what she was requesting. I think she's coming at it (knowing her beyond her blog) from the angle of giving us a place to unload. I "ranted" (not really) all about personal stuff.

I think you should let her know how you feel! She would appreciate that.

Marcie said...

Laura, you do have such a sweet spirit I admire. Thanks for writing such a challenging post.

Jayna said...

Well said!! Very motivating too. It's easy to let things get you down but I love the verse you quoted. Thanks for the reminder!! I enjoy reading your blogs... I still think you need a book deal!

Rachel L Riley said...

You are always encouraging :)
I am thankful for friends like you who make me want to do/be better-
And encourage my creativity whether it be cooking, gardening, or crafts! (amongst other things)

I agree with you that some blogs can be discouraging-there are many mommy blogs I have read that make me afraid to have kids! I guess some people use it as a place to vent.

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