Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Traditions Revised

We had a few fun Christmas traditions growing up.  Through the years those have changed and this year they changed even more.  Although we had to mix up the dates and times we still enjoyed doing some of our favorite holiday traditions.

Usually we decorate the tree, make and decorate sugar cookies and eat pizza the day after Thanksgiving.  Both my sister and I have birthdays in December and my Mom always made sure the tree was up and decorated before both of them.  Through the years she and my Dad have started doing less decorating but this year we still had a tree (of course) and cookies!

Here are some candids from our cookie decorating night...

See that little hand in the bottom left of the picture?  He might have stolen a cookie or two before they were decorated!

Miss Nola hard at work

First taste of eggnog....not sure what he thinks....

Going in for more....

YUM!  I love this stuff!!!

Mama, Daddy, Little Guy and the new little guy!

One of the things we did differently this year was baking all the cookies ahead of time.  With fewer hands big people and more little people this was a huge time saver and it allowed my Mom (who usually manages all of the baking while we decorate) to be more of a part of the tradition.  Whether I am at my childhood home or it's just the 4 of us this is definitely one tradition I'll continue.


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