Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Oops

So if you've been following for a while you know the Little Guy and I have been on the road since November.  So far we've managed pretty well, staying in a different house each week and him taking all of his naps and sleeping at night in a pack-n-play.  But today I finally wished for home.  Why?  No clean underwear.  Not sure how I let that happen but clearly didn't pack enough for this leg of the trip and clearly wasn't paying enough attention.  So annoyed. 

2. Growing Boy

Another challenge of constantly being on the road in at least 3 different climates (PA, KY, SC and TN) was packing.  Oh yeah, and the fact that I was 17 weeks pregnant when we arrived and am now 25.  We burnt up in SC and froze in PA.  I don't have a coat that fits and all of the sudden the Little Guy's arms and legs are hanging out of his clothes!  We are officially retiring the 12-18 month clothes when we return to the PNW.  I always get sad when this happens but this time they are so small on him I can't help but be excited about him not looking like a little urchin!

3. Smart Boy

We LOVE these Little Einstein books at our house.  Little Guy got them for his 1st birthday and we read all 26 almost every day.  Each letter has 3 words with a picture.   A lot of the words he now says he has learned from these books-yellow, train, alligator, octopus etc. (Keep in mind this is his version of these words...all of them are recognizable to me but might not be to you!)  One of my favorite books is the O book.  In it are "octopus, orange, owl".  This weekend we took the cousins to the aquarium and I talked to him about how we would see fish, turtles and octopus.  As soon as I said we would see the octopus he said...owl?  It was so cute!  He remembered the sequence from the books!  I love watching him learn and discover new things!!

4. Contentment

There have been a lot of blogs lately about how Mom's shouldn't feel bad if they aren't supermom.  I certainly agree to an extent.  But rather than focusing on everything I can't get finished or don't do perfectly.  Rather than believing the lies that all the Mommy bloggers out there REALLY have it together as well as they appear to on their blog.  Rather than focusing on all of that....I'm focusing on being content in my situation.  If you are searching for balance or contentment in your life I encourage you to check out this awesome blog!

5. Digital Natives
They say our children will be known as digital natives and we are called digital immigrants.  I believe it.  This one knows how to Skype, Facetime and watch "TD" on my phone.  He knows what Daddy's ring sounds like and he knows how to unlock it.  He's 17 months old.  We're in trouble!

I hope you are having a fabulous Monday! 
Can't help but share this sweet picture from the aquarium.  The photographic genius that I am brought my camera and forgot the batteries so I was dependent on my iphone and my sweet sister-in-laws camera!  I'm going to download the pictures from her camera later this week but this one was from my phone.  Little Guy would plop himself down on his belly in front of every exhibit to watch the fish.  It was so sweet!!


Simply Mom said...

I love the new look on your site. I hope you're settling in after all your travels and getting ready for the new little guy. :)

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