Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Toys

I have to admit I had a hard time making out a Christmas list this year.  Everything I wanted seemed to also be for the Little Guy.  And I was ok with that!  I'm super excited about him entering the "playing" stage of life.  I have to be honest, I never saw myself as a mommy to a little boy.  I come from a family of all girls--literally for generations.  I have no cousins.  I didn't grow up doing "boy" stuff and the last word you'd use to describe me is tomboy or athletic.  I thought I would be a disaster as a boy mommy.

Here is the thing.  Boys like to pretend way funner (yes I know that is wrong but it just sounded right to me in this instance) stuff.  We're talking cars, pirates, cowboys.  All these things I can relate to.  You know what I HATE?  "You be the Mommy and I'll be the sister and you be the queen and I'll be the princess" kind of pretend play.  But get down on the floor and race around some cars or trucks.  I'm in!!

Clearly God knew that I'd be a better boy mommy to start with so He gave me two!  I think he also wanted to protect our bank account!

Anyway here are some toys that I'm super excited to get for the Little Guy now or eventually.  I'd love to hear your ideas of toys that your little girls and boys have loved as well!  I'll add them to my Christmas list for next year!
Rockabye 85031 Bi-<em>Plane Airplane</em> Toy <em>Rocker</em>
Airplane Rocker by Rockabye

I held off on this one until I knew we were having boy number 2.  I wanted to get something like a Monkey or Snail if we were having a girl.  But I can totally justify yet another airplane purchase with 2 boys.  Do you use Zulilly?  If not you should check it out!  You basically sign up for an account and get great deals on things!  The more people that you invite who buy the more credit you get.  I had a $30 credit so I got this cute thing for WAY less than it less than half!!  I can not WAIT to see the Little Guy on this!!
Little Tikes 612428 Shopping Cart
A push toy

Little kids love to push things around.  I'm not opposed to Little Guy pushing around a stroller (gotta teach him how to be a good Daddy somehow!) but as far as purchasing something for our own home I think I'm going to go with a shopping cart.  Hey, might as well teach him to love shopping!  His future wife with thank me!
Little Tikes Cozy Truck

Truck.  Truck.  Truck.  Oh my word...other than please (which I love) I hear truck all day long at our house.  We point out trucks out the window, in magazine, on the television.  Truck.  Truck.  Truck.  I haven't talked to the husband yet about this one but I would LOVE to get this little ride-on toy for outside!  It's like the tough-guy version of the coupe!
We stayed with some dear friends recently and they had one of these types of climber-slide hybrids.  The Little Guy was on that slide all week long!  With warmer weather around the corner (hey WA friends I'm being optimistic!) I really want to get something that he can use outside in the backyard for hours!!

Etch a Sketch: Classic Doodle Sketch -  Ohio Art - Toys"R"Us
Little Guy found one of these in his cousin Nola's toys (granted it was pink) and he loved it!  He carried it around and "took notes" all day long.  We need one of these for the car and the house!

Don't know why but these seem to provide hours of entertainment!

Please send me your ideas for indoor, outdoor, creative play....whatever!  We're also excited to share some art projects in the next few weeks!!


Amanda Thomasson said...

Ethan received a push lawn mower for cmas and loves it! He fills it with gas and pretends-- and he has yet to see his daddy use one so that will make it even more fun when he can be like daddy! Those are all great toy ideas for little boys! E is really into climbing on his horse and riding too, and is growing into his tricycle-- looking forward to the boys all playing together soon!

Rachel said...

B's favorite from Christmas is definitely his Fisher Price Stand and Play Car Ramp. It's the first thing he goes to in the morning and the last thing he plays with in the evening.

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