Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things to Remember 15-18 Months

I've used this blog in lieu of a baby book.  Mostly because I have decided for me, photobooks are the way to go.  In my previous life as a working professional my co-worker an I coined the term "thievery".  I believe "thievery", which is a positive term for taking others offered ideas and using them, is the way to go!  My friend Rachel started writing a letter to her son each month to chronicle everything he was doing.  She also made a 1 year baby book for him and included lots of those memories in the book.  I SO glad I "thieved" that idea from her!!

I've been trying to keep a record of some of the things I don't want to forget S doing.  And now that he has started showing more and more personality and talking I know they will be more numerous.  I am recording these for myself, my sweet husband and of course our kids. 

Here are some of my favorites moments from the past few weeks...

I love the animal noises he makes.  He makes a fish face and then calls most animals by their noise instead of their name.  Baa, boo, hee, ouh ouh, etc.  If he wants to play a game on my phone that has a monkey he points to my phone and says 'ouh ouh'

I love how well he uses please and thank you.  He always nods his head when he says thank you and sometimes he just makes a 'hmm hmmm' noise instead of saying the words.

I love how he says both "carry you" and "help you" when we wants to be picked up or needs help.  I remember a baby in church years ago who use to say "I hold you" when he wanted to be held.  It just shows how much they repeat exactly what you say!

The other day my Mom was trying to french braid my hair and Little Guy got mad!  He did not want anyone else to touch my hair.  He has played with my hair since he was tiny and even now if I put him down for a nap and my hair hangs down into the crib he will reach out and touch it.  He is surprisingly gentle!

I love how he says "Bear" and it sounds like "Beer".  He also really likes Aunt KK's puppy Max and yelled his name loudly while we were at Mimi and Grandad's.

When he is finished eating he says something like "all-duh-duh"  We think it means all done but we aren't sure.

He has started saying "amen" after we pray.  I also have caught him "praying" at various times during the day--mumbling to himself and then saying "amen".

His newest words are ukelele, alligator, umbrella, porcupine, turtle, owl, octopus and he recognizes the letters I and Y.  He has learned all of these words from the Baby Einstein books and he doesn't use them in everyday conversation, only points to the pictures.  However, if I ask him about his ukelele he will say it and then will also say umbrella.  He has grouped the words by letter in his mind.  He does the same thing with the octopus and owl.  It is really interesting.

He LOVES trucks.  Every morning when I change his diaper he points to the window and says truck.  The whole time we are in the car he points out trucks.  Everything from a bus to a VW is a truck.  I love it!

He still loves the Curious Buddies videos.  When they play peek-a-boo he says "see you!" when the person pops out.

Yellow is still the only color he says but he thinks everything is yellow.

He can say the numbers 2, 5 and 9 but you have to count really fast between 2 and 4 because he will tell you that 5 comes after 2 or 3 or 4 or 577.  Same with 2 and 9.

When we get to the last page of a book we are reading he says "bye bye".

He knows what the Skype ring sounds like and when he hears it he always says "Dada!!"

Maybe I'll add to this if I think of anything more. But these are some of my favorite things that Little Guy is doing at this stage!!


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