Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Perfect Night

You won't remember this night.  You are only 2.  But your Mama will remember it forever.  It was one of those perfect nights.  Not for any particular reason.  We have no noteworthy photos or mementos, only the smiles and laughter and wonder of it all.

We went to see the lights at Rock City the day after Christmas.  You didn't know where we were going or what we were doing but you are always happy to get in the car.  Lately you've been asking me "What're we doing next?" or "Where're we going?"  You seem to believe that an adventure lies beyond every car ride.

It was almost too cold but you didn't seem to mind.  As soon as we started to see lights you began yelling each color out loud.




As if you had never seen them before.

Then we started down the path.  You were enthralled with the lights and somehow we got separated from the rest of the family.  I could see people smiling at you as you barreled through trying to find Grandad.  I think they appreciated your color commentary.

Your favorite book right now is The Little Blue Truck.  You repeated one of the pages over and over again as you ran at top speed down the pathways.

"HONK!!  Coming through!  I've got big important things to do!!"

Yes dear son.  Big important things.

Sipping hot chocolate with your Daddy.

Giving your baby brother a kiss.

Looking with wonder at the big star and the fun shapes.

Posing for pictures with your cousins.

It was a perfect night.


Callie Nicole said...

I'm not sure why, but this post made me want to cry. So sweet!

Don said...

I'm glad you have this great memory.

Bex said...

Looks like you had a fab night x

mail4rosey said...

And this was the perfect post! Loved it!

Happy to be visiting from Raising Imperfection.

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Awww, I will admit I became a little teary reading this post. It is the ordinary days that stand out so much.
Thanks for sharing your favorite post at Raising Imperfection! We feature our favorites on Friday, make sure to come back and check.

Raising Reagan said...

This is so sweet. I love these type of posts! Such a great thing to be able to give to your child later in life!

Thank you for linking your favorite post to Raising Imperfection.
Please come back Friday to see if you were featured! Good luck :)


Shell said...

What a sweet memory!

Tricia said...

So sweet! Love memories like that. And also love The Little Blue Truck. I am hoping that becomes one of my son's favorites too :)

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