Monday, January 14, 2013

Deals and Dimples

Could I BE anymore excited about this?  Five or six years ago I started coveting my friend Brian's spice rack.  It now belong to Brian and his lovely wife Amanda who live about a mile from me.  Sometimes I'm tempted to break into their house at night and steal it.  But they would know it was me.  So....I happened to find a copy at the commissary right after Christmas.  It was 1/2 price making it a grand total of around 22 dollars.  It has 24 spices in it which at 2 to 3 dollars a piece technically means I got this bad boy for free.  Now if only I had a wall to put it up!

Excited to review these yummy scented dish soaps from Palmolive.  It's fun being an Influenster!

I'm not a huge "character" fan.  We do Mickey Mouse and Diego on our underwear...not on our t-shirts. So let me tell you how excited I am that he thinks this is Swiper the Fox.  Isn't he adorable?

You might have seen that picture floating around facebook with the caption "They Will Find You."  It's true. They will always find you! That's both boys reaching under the door.  Sigh....

Just had to share some dimples with you!

This picture really deserves it's own post.  I was folding clothes when I asked the Little Guy what he wanted to wear last Friday.  He saw this shirt and said he wanted to wear his "Go Cats" shirt.  Of course I didn't argue!

Oh!  There are those dimples again!  We made a grocery run together and he got to sit up in the cart for the first time.  He had a ball!!

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!!  
I've got some exciting recipes to share and an update to this post later in the week!

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Julie said...

I went to a party yesterday where they cook for you and showcase their items and it dawned on me that I have this awesome spice rack but I guarantee I have yet to use about 2/3's of the spices on it. That means I need to get cooking!

alison said...

i am SO with you on the whole character thing. not a fan . mine haven't ever really had the shoes and stuff unless a grandma broke the rules and got one ;) and the hands under the door? that picture makes me glad that i have 1970s shag carpeting in my house and therefore there isn't really any space between the door and the floor. instead, i get the knocking incessantly and then the "what were you doing?" question from all three as soon as i get out.

kendra @ little almanac said...

Your little guys are so cute! I'm not one for characters on tees either, but that fox is adorable. And dimples - oh! Love dimples. Glad I found your blog via Carissa!

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