Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Little Park

The days are getting longer and longer and we are taking advantage of every minute!  It was close to 50 degrees on Friday and that practically feels like summer here when the sun is shining.  Pete had the afternoon off of work so we walked the 2 short blocks to our park.  I'm totally spoiled by the location of our home.  We can walk anywhere! I really enjoy having the park within walking distance.  It's easy for Peter and the Little Guy to run up there while I am preparing dinner and run off some steam!

Daddy & Littlest Guy getting ready to go down the slide

The Cheese Face again

Pondering his next move...probably thinking about pirates.  He talked about pirates the whole time we were at the park.  He kept yelling into the fake bullhorn about them and then he would turn around and yell, "I'm really loud.  I'm really really loud!!"

The Littlest Guy & some bokeh!

Ready to take off!

He loves the swing!

First time in the swing!!


alison said...

although i love living out in the country, i AM jealous that we can't just walk to a park to play (which is why our front yard looks like a park!). it takes a coordinated effort and a packing of the vehicle for us ;) i LOVE the cheese face! mine are pros at that too!

Julie said...

Its quite funny how I went to Colorado last week for skiing weather and now STL has 70 degree weather. Quite the change!

katie ridings said...

aww that little hat :) look at those sweeties!!

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