Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Almost New Year

Y'all we are one West Coast time and normally I hate it.  But on New Year's and for late UK basketball games it makes me really happy.  Since my heart is still on the East Coast it's officially tomorrow for me and that means I can go to bed.  Which means I'm getting that extra sleep I need to head into day two of potty training!!

I had all these wonderful plans for blogging this week....an awesome almond coffee cake recipe...my goals and plans for 2013...Christmas pictures....

It's not happening!

And that is ok.  One of my struggles is finding a balance.  And I'm trying to teach myself that no matter how fun it is to blog, my family comes first.  I never want this spot where I record things that are going on with us to replace actually spending time and doing things with my three best guys!!

So I'll eventually get pictures up.  You'll eventually get to sample that yummy almond coffee cake (and believe me you will want to!).

But until then....Happy New Year from our family to yours!!

You can tell the Little Guy is super into taking pictures at this stage!


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